If you are searching for the highest quality Genetic Counseling experience for your clinic and patients which:

  • Enables you to address patient’s family history concerns, questions regarding genetic testing options, and genetic testing results
  • Gives your patients timely and convenient access to genetic counseling
  • Is an independent genetic counseling / consultation company
  • Features only experienced Genetic Counselors who are experts in Human Genetics
  • Is clearly of unsurpassed Quality

Welcome, you’re in the right place!


In order to meet the needs of patients and practitioners to address the ever-evolving field of genetics, Nurture Genetics utilizes an easily accessible online telehealth service delivery model. Through the click of a mouse or a simple phone call, your patients can meet with a board certified and licensed genetic counselor to have access to the most up-to-date comprehensive genetic counseling service.

Nurture Genetics LLC is fully HIPAA compliant and requires a signed BAA when partnering with providers and labs.



Nurture Genetics LLC is not affiliated with any laboratory, institution, or organization. As a result, we can partner with you in a way that best meets your practice needs.  Our expert Genetic Counselors can provide:

  • Pre-test genetic counseling
  • Post-test genetic counseling to review results
  • Assist with the call-out of genetic test results
  • Comprehensive genetic counseling to include review of a three generation family history, risk assessment, discuss and suggest appropriate genetic testing, assistance with test ordering, and results review.
  • Receive a detailed consultation note that documents information discussed with the patient and any testing options that were reviewed
  • Provide consultation to ensure your clinic has a genetic testing protocol that is complying with national guidelines.
  • Provide consultation to select genetic testing laboratories to meet your clinic and patient needs.


There are many ways Nurture Genetics can partner with your practice to increase patient access to quality and compassionate genetic counseling to improve patient care, patient education, and patient satisfaction.



What We Offer Your Clinic and Patients:

Expertise and Experienced Genetic Counselors

  • All Genetic Counselors are Board Certified and Licensed.
  • Many Genetic Counselors with more than 18 years of clinical experience.

Genetic Consultations Free from Laboratory Bias

  • We are not affiliated with any laboratory. As a result, we offer genetic counseling and recommendations with no underlying conflict of interest.

Timely and simple access to services

  • No travel for patients. They can have their genetic counseling sessions from any convenient location online or via telephone.
  • Reduced wait times for appointments. Same day genetic counseling sessions are often available.
  • Convenient scheduling and increased patient satisfaction. We offer evening and weekend appointment options to accommodate a patient’s busy schedule.


  • Save valuable provider time.
  • Ensure only appropriate tests are recommended, therefore reducing the overall costs of genetic testing for patients and the healthcare system.
  • Decrease your clinic’s administrative costs by having access to genetic counselors on an as needed basis.



To discuss various partnership opportunities and bringing genetic consultation options to your clinic, please contact us. Nurture Genetics can provide superior genetic counseling to your patients with self-pay and insurance billing options (in some locations) and no fees charged to the clinic. We can also provide customized genetic consultation support for your clinic with a reasonable institutional, per patient rate. No upfront or annual fees required.


We look forward to meeting with you and exploring ways we can work together to improve access to genetic counseling services, while maintaining continuity of care for the patient. By partnering with Nurture Genetics, your patients will not have to be referred to an outside clinic or institution to receive the best in genetics care. Let Nurture Genetics become part of the comprehensive care package you offer to your patients.